Who we are

At this point, Ecopsi is currently organizing and defining the human structure behind this project. Ecopsi already has some individual psychotherapists open to working with mental health issues related to the climate crisis.

Every therapist in the list bellow works privately. In a first phase of offering psychotherapeutic help to groups vulnerable to the climate question, we have agreed internally on a contractual value per session. The contractual value corresponds to a reduced value per session. For the time being this is directed exclusively at climate activists collaborating with one of the current climate groups/organizations.  For further questions, please come in contact with Ecopsi via our general email or by contacting directly one of the therapists in the list bellow.

Clara Pracana

[email protected]


João Balroa

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João Ferreira

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Madalena Motta Veiga

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Matthias Ammann

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Pedro Oliveira

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Tânia Dinis

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Side by side with therapy directed at climate issues, we are developing the area of Educational Psychology and climate change.

Teresa Raquel Pereira, Doutoranda em Psicologia e Alterações Climáticas, UMinho

[email protected]