Psychology and Climate

Ecopsi is a diverse group formed by psychology professionals, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, climate justice activists and people interested in the promotion of mental health and psychological well-being in the current scenario of climate change and planetary crisis. Shaped upon organizations like Climate Psychology Alliance and the American Psychological Association, Ecopsi wants to be a source of information, resources sharing and preventative practices around the climate crisis and its effects.

Our mission consists in applied work with the following groups:  

  • Younger generations (who will be more affected by the climate crisis);
  • Human groups already suffering directly the effects of climate change (for instance, people living next to fire sites, droughts or locations facing sea rise);
  • Climate activists and climate scientists (human groups who are already systematically exposed to a heightened awareness of climate change and, therefore, with greater difficulty in embracing denial);
  • Social groups who are most vulnerable to eco-crisis effects of a global pandemics.