We Train Psychologists

The first EcoPsychology and EcoPsychoanalysis course is launched in a partnership with APPSI to be held in May 2023.

Ecopsi promotes training activities for psychologists, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals in the areas of psychology and sustainability, ecopsychology and ecopsicanalysis, eco-integration and integrative perspectives.

We intend to train psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals who can simultaneously work with clients affected by
climate crisis, young people and young activists, as well as questioning and helping to build the identity of the various professionals in the face of the climate crisis.

We train on eco-anxiety for psychologists and other health professionals.

Climate Cafés

Free monthly online meetings from 1.30am on Mondays, so we can express how we feel about climate change. It is intended that a group of people with the same concerns and interests can speak freely, without judgment, in a safe space, about how they feel and have experienced the impact that of the planetary crisis.

We know that eco-anxiety, climate depression, hopelessness and other emotional responses to the climate crisis are exacerbated by feelings of isolation. Finding out that we are not alone and that we can talk about it is a great help in managing eco-anxiety.

Participation in climate coffee is perfectly spontaneous and free, there is no link, both one can go to everyone as going to only one, there is no compromise or obligation.

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Ecopsi gives lectures at the request of various organizations and institutions, either in the school environment as a professional or associative.

It may include national and international guests on topics of intersection of psychology and climate.

We make scientific communications for various audiences.

Some of the lectures already held can be found here Eco Psi – YouTube

Development of a psychological support model for Eco-Integration

Pedro Oliveira, an Ecopsi member, has developed a theoretical model of psychological intervention to work on climate anxiety issues in consultation, which he called Eco-Integration and which will be part of a book published in the UK.

Teenager Climate Guide

We’re developing a manual on climate change for teenagers.

Ecopsi and the Student Climate Strike have teamed up to challenge 12- to 16-year-olds to create a digital guide focused on ways of communicating, action and promoting well-being for teens in the context of climate change – the Teenager Climate Guide. It is intended that this guide be thought and created by the adolescents themselves and reflect their cultural references, language and how they prefer to communicate on sensitive topics.

This project is structured in two moments:

  1. phase of interviews with participants on the topics to be developed;
  2. co-creation workshop, in which participants will gather their ideas and create a digital guide and a video that responds to the objectives of the project, with version in Portuguese and English.

Teenager Climate Guide

Liaison to national and international groups

We are linked to international groups similar to ours, so that we can be up to date and also share our knowledge.

We promote and develop collaborations with various organizations.

Psychological Support for Eco-Anxiety

We provide psychological support to climate activists and promote actions to prevent burnout.

We have a therapists list Bolsa de Terapeutas – Ecopsi